Friday, December 28, 2007


hey sorry it took me so LONG... i still haven get all the pic yet... i shall blog about the ones i have 1st... i did not really snap a lot of pics. TO THE PROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS a very well done!!! i had lots of fun... ok here it goes prom was on 10.12.2007! 5 years gone, time to live hard. when with pik yen at around 9.30am we reach istana hotel... pik yen was the boss so she had to turn up early, and in the end everyone turn up late and all. the performers came to practice together... waited around 2 to get the morning room which we had to give back at check out at 7pm.

there were a little wave and all but it when fine... at around 6 something i head back to the hotel room to get ready for the night. the night started with the paper dolls. i was like what is this? hahahah CASINO ROYAL right? LAS VEGAS? we were all laughing our head out seeing them, but they were really professional... had 3 bands (if i m not mistaken) and a dance group for performance. had a little game and all just to get everyone closer to each other. jamie was being a likey to the MC, dunno why. hahaha XD

all the girls were on the dot, looking so gorgeous and the guy were bring it to the table very cool looking and all. kimberly was the prom queen and javan was prom king! they started with the dance floor and everyone just jump to it... not long comes the so called clubbing style. hahah

i when home at 4 something after eating supper with friends and chilled in their room TALKING!!! really had loads of fun....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Update Coming Soon

heyy people! sorry for the lack of updates. i have been really busy lately, hanging out with the gang and all. but don't worry, and update on PROM is coming up soon. when i get all the pictures, i shall update, aight?

stay tuned..! [:

Saturday, December 8, 2007

sarah birthday.

what a day... this been the most crazy sleepover i think i ever had! on this Friday i when to one utama with my parents to get my jacket for this coming Monday, prom night!!! walk here, walk there and finally got my jacket at edmundser...
called sook huey ; eh, where are u? how u going to sarah party?
sook: my brother fetch.
charl: OK i follow u there OK?
we turn up to be pretty late cox sook huey was still making the stuff to bring to her house... it was a pot-luck. we played and swim... hahah really had fun, i did not know crystal could swim so well...
A joke, crystal thought the swimming pool was really deep but it was only like 3ft plus i think... ( u should see her face )
when we finish everything it was already 12 something... when out at 1 to YAM CHA. later on when back to sarah house to crash... in the end did not even sleep. i slept at 6 something and woke up at 8 something. i when home like a dead fish... even worst the cleaners was at my house so no sleeping time for me... when to bed at 1pm and woke up at 5pm...
when dance class at 5 something with jessie and phang meng!
it was like a no life dance, 1st of all was so bloody tired. 2nd haven eaten in a day...
we needed transport home so becky fetch us home, when to her car "see" wah tire no air LOL... change it and 8pm was coming... phang meng car was not ready yet so we when to eat BAK KU TEH in ou which was like drinking water. ( u know what i mean )
so what do u think? CRAZY DAYS or what?
i m really tired now crawling to my comfortable bed... OVER AND OUT PPL!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

~ malam graduasi ~

sorry it took me so long to update my blog and stuff. i was busy with SPM. the time where we wear the square looking hat. the time where we wear the rob. this is the time to open up and face LIFE. with a blink of an eye, 5 years just pass!!! getting old to older... i do not believe ppl when they say school life is better than any other time, but now i do!!! to think of it this are the time where we got no worries and just worry about studies. i m going to miss school although ppl say this school is not that good but i still like it at sometimes. had the graduation at eastin hotel, a 3 star hotel if i m not mistaken! thanks for the pic adeline, nic foong, kah mun.

SPM done? OMG is done. no more

with just a blink of an eye everything is over... SPM IS OVER FOR GOOD!!!!! the feeling is just wicked. hope now i can play as hard as i could and nothing will come into my way... at 1st is was fun after the exams are over but to think of it, is starting to get boring... nothing happen so far... shall keep my blog updated when ever i go out, i shall paste it right here.
sorry i forgot what happen during SPM the place we when or what happen and stuff!!! :/
no fear, shall write everything from now on anyway i m FREE!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

happy birthday phang meng...

how many years we have been friends ah? i think something like 8 years plus right? ahahha anyway, happy birthday dude!!! hope u will have the greatest teenage life u can ever have... hope u like the undi and the slipper... XD

Saturday, November 3, 2007


this is the car POH & I got for sook huey for her bday! it is yellow and looking good!?!

nothing much too say just enjoy the pic!!!

sook huey's night mare!!!

adeline & sooki AND mun hoe... B-days

the next morning after mardi... get ready had breakfast! went sooki house where everyone is there. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ..... one car cant fit so many ppl... `oh shit i forgot my card!' how? i need to go here and there. WOW that morning was just complicated. my dad fetch us to pm house to get his estima out... i feel like a VIP inside... when to DHL n turn up just in time for the seminar!?!

sit and listen....

after hours of sitting and listening! pack and left the building.

i when home to shower and was ready to go to the curve... brought the car poh and i got for sooki. i really love that car man.

when to 1920 for dinner... jessie and sooki when to get mun hoe his present and i planted the car in front of her seat. this is how shock she was to see the car she like!

we got adeline a present too... hahah hope u like it

take pic and play at the same time while waiting for the food to arrive...
this is how it goes ::::::::::::::::

when to took picture at the garden at ground floor.