Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NEVER sleep with a empty stomach...

last night i when to bed at around 11 something... i roll, roll, roll and roll (with eyes closed).... i jus cant fall to sleep no matter how!!! around 12 something i gave up n get up to my parents room where my dad was watching a movie! i join n the movie ended at 12 something, still i could not sleep after that!!!! i was so annoyed by it i when down n made MILO to drink as i was feeling hungry (never eat dinner)... i drank the milo while watching channel 51... hahah n ended up going back to my room at around 1+... still i roll till 2 something till i finally sleep!
this morning,
my dad woke me up at 6 something n i was trying so hard to open my eyes... i walk to the bath room with my eyes closed (i know any of u can do it), came out n said....
charls : dad can i not go to school today? i sleep at 2 something yesterday n i m really tired....
charls : i cant sleep what u want me to do?
dad : UP TO U LA... (he was really mad)

i woke up at 10 something...me n my dad when to get books for me as i wanted to get it for revision... i ate meat balls at IKEA n when home after that... i done math n made a time table for the following week!!!
during the evening i teman jessie to get breakfast n lunch b4 going to tuition... we meet gerad n we jus walk together... that jessie fei po keep ejek-ing me non stop i tell u!!!! bloody hell dunno what is her problem lo... during tuition also she non stop... but i also la got play n stuff!!! but she when to far... i m angry but jus dislike it... try feeling this = u don want ppl to know that u have this but UR FREN that u ask not to tell anyone, going telling others.... u also don like it right... when we do it u get mad too!!!

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