Saturday, July 21, 2007

the starting of my blog!!!

well this is start of my blog!!! alot of ppl well almost everyone i know if having a blog! they say is a personal place where u write all the unhappy n happy times, that is on the net... so i m here to find out whether it is that fun to have a blog site... i m still trying to figure out to make it as nice as theirs!!!! here goes nothing... XD

this is jus the starting of it!!! it was to be a pimp pic...

i shall start the blog by saying what happen this friday ( 20/07/2007)...
this day was my 1st time doing stupid pose for the camera!!! we all had fun n we were all crazy... hahaha enjoy the pictures ladies n gentlemen!!!

this is the starting of the night...

sooki n charls <3

sarah & me :) i like this pic

hahah the posing jus started like that!

a pic with crystal

jus there to spoil the pic><

jus a pic nothing much!

i was going for it girl....

pik pik & charlson :P

my girlfriends.... XD

this pose is jus for the both of us...

this is the holding all the girl bag n a pose pic! we look really GAY...

the solo pose with the guess hand bag don forget the finger! (i look weird)

some where in curve!!!! u know it...

loong & pik pik N crystal
this pic is jus wrong!!!! (i know u all want it) ahahah

show ur teeth now...

sarah AND sooki :)

loong drinking his drink. pik n crystal so want a sip!

she was so going to kiss me :P

they jus wan to pose like this...

i jus got one thing to say... GOTCHA!!!!

this is call the pop-up

we know who she is going to pick... see how she look at loong!

me N sarah

i know i know i was posing... a gay one

sorry for the stupid pose n stuff, but i really had fun that night!!! 1st time posing for camera n i like it... thanks for coming in!!! will try to keep this as updated as it can be with pic n words!!! XD ( sorry about the pic as they are not in correct order if u all mind la) :P

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