Sunday, August 26, 2007

another day...

when to ou to watch secret.... a movie with jay chou!!! i thought it was going to be boring but it turn out fine... infact i kinda like it when they played the piano,*dunno what to say!! ppl out there should watch it... playing the piano can get alot alot alot of girls wei... hahaha ok back to the topic.... after that we when for dinner at miss read to have a little something to eat. i only got a smoothie (strawberry).... boon fetch us to amanda house to crash... played monopoly again n all of them simply buy n stuff n no money haizh... in jus like a few time all the place have been bought by all of them... n none of us have the same colours.... we stop half way n sit there n chat... gerarde walk from dj to bu area n got lost hahah....
XD we chat after that... all the lame n stupid thing we could say was out that night. pm was in sooki house *ohhhh hahah, anyway they came n we when to ttdi... dance studio where rebecca, dennis, nickki, n shake was there practicing some dance! hahha when down to the ROTI CHANAI stall to eat (sooki call the guy KAK) hahaha we were like stoned n we all try to cover for her, pm say no she belum bangun lagi, jessie dia cakap dengan saya... me i was jus laughing! wanted to go play cs but no one going so ended up going home... haizh!!!!

it was a fun day!

what a game...

there was this night were ming wei when to sook huey house to study n he called me out to do so... but when i was there i saw the monopoly on the table... hahah jessie was there too... we started playing n in the middle of the game ming wei have to leave haizh... lol we were like wasting time doing nothing... decieded to play scrabble, the best part was it was going to be our rules... which means there is no rules at all hahaha.... we made a lot of stupid words out of it hahaha... phang mend came after we started the game not long ago!!! he played too, he took over sooki`s place n i forgot what was she doing.... take a look at the stupid words we made...

we when home after his cos pm was tired n we had to leave with him...

Friday, August 24, 2007

hey these are some pic from the party that i jus got!!!! enjoy... will soon blog about thursday!!! after i get some of the pic from ppl....

these 2 are jus some random pic!!! ( sooki n amanda )

Sunday, August 19, 2007


how do i start???

well ok, hello...

a normall saturday! when to dance class n dance for a hour... i finally did the "rewind" correctly... later when to ju-ann party!!! i felt so weird cox i don even know a singal person there... i only know jessie, ester, recheal... hahah we were like in our own world lol, playing with us only!!! the others was playing with them self too.

later becky turn up... chill in the house for quiet long till we leave n when to NET MASTER hahah to play CS, jessie bebecca & i... all i can say it that becky is not a noob... she damn pro (even with booms) she killed me few time with the boom!!! hahah jessie also killed me a few time... we had fun!!!! hahah reach home at 2.a.m something!!!!

esther & me...

there is more pic but i dunno where must ask her to send to me only i can post it here...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

amanda birthday!!!!

Date : 14 / 08 / 2007
Venue : House

Time : Evening

she was so touched when she saw her friends & most of her idol was there!!!! DENNIS YIN... from ~so u think u can dance~ hahah XD THANKS DENNIS for making it happen!!!
that day i woke up n remembered that it was amanda bday, but i dunno what to get her n stuff.... so when to school i was thinking so hard of what to get her! during pj, *tinkkk ( light buld) so i called rebecca n dennis : are u free tonight? can u do me a favour? rebecca cant come because she is a busy women teaching dancing all over the world!!!! hahaha XD DENNIS said ok he will be here. i was like yeah this is going to work!!!

i told amanda to come my house for a little celebration of my own for her... i said i got her a small cake... but dennis, sue zen, liyan(dunno correct anot), phang meng, jessie was back home waiting for her to give her a supprise!!!!!!!!!

she almost cried

her birthday cake!!!

she looks tall... XD

she is tall.....

~her fAV pic~

charls ~ sue
jessie n amanda
dennis / jessie
random pic haha :P
phang meng was force by jessie...
we watch blades of glory after the pizza n cake!!! it was still funny after watching already... everyone laugh like crazy that night... dennis also laugh untill the chair was shaking XD
that day amanda was happy!

Friday, August 17, 2007

maths intensive class!!!

this what happen... sean came up to me n ask me whether i would like to join this math class where they teach all the form 4 in jus one day!!! so i cos me like RM120 for it... it lies on a sunday, time = 9.a.m till 5.p.m!!!
i like the place there... it is very efficient!!!!!!!! hahaha XD (jacq say i keep saying that) LOL

i had a fun day anyway... i meet shing yi there! did not know she was also there for the intensive studying!!! we had lunch together ; the tuition centre ask u to tick what u wan to eat n drink b4 the class start!!! when is lunch time the food is already on the table so as the drink n in front of u is ur nema n what u ordered... COOL HUH????

the PARTY after the long hard time practising

they had a party after the competition!!! as they got 1st n 2nd they was given a hamper for each team... the days go like this >>> when to school, after school, PARTY time!

a group pic! *smile
another group pic ~serious~
some of the hat turn up at the back in the drain hahaha...
'what a reliefe ~WOW~'
learning from the best of the best
this is the fun part ppl
still going...
the smaller size once get the rest... hahah no la all had equal share!!!
the lower forms( as in form 1,2)
shing n choong yean (playing throw n catch with mouth)
after they are charge with energy again!
>>>>the POP-up<<<<
this what happen when we have too much time in our hand
some ppl still are as hyper like her!!! hahaha XD
the SnC---> u will never understand their world
one in her own world...
the other one.... haizh i don wan to say anything!!!
you did not see me in all this pic because i was behind!!! i was the camera man the hole day... hahah i had fun taking all the pic by the way... XD hahaha pic tell & make u feel people!!!


yesterday it took me like the hole night to load the pic... haizh so did not finish all my up date!!! here is more, shall continue where i have stoped..

yesterday i was talking about K.R.S team A shall let u see team B now>>>>>>


~SARAH WOO~ the leader of team B.

kumpulan sarah...

ke-kanan lurus!

the starting of IT!!!!!!!

this is a segi-tiga (from 3 barisan)

*the flag ppl*


from the left they turn back to the front like this! COOL

these ppl have spend alot of time doing this really, hormat mereka!

this is what i did for that saturday!