Saturday, August 18, 2007

amanda birthday!!!!

Date : 14 / 08 / 2007
Venue : House

Time : Evening

she was so touched when she saw her friends & most of her idol was there!!!! DENNIS YIN... from ~so u think u can dance~ hahah XD THANKS DENNIS for making it happen!!!
that day i woke up n remembered that it was amanda bday, but i dunno what to get her n stuff.... so when to school i was thinking so hard of what to get her! during pj, *tinkkk ( light buld) so i called rebecca n dennis : are u free tonight? can u do me a favour? rebecca cant come because she is a busy women teaching dancing all over the world!!!! hahaha XD DENNIS said ok he will be here. i was like yeah this is going to work!!!

i told amanda to come my house for a little celebration of my own for her... i said i got her a small cake... but dennis, sue zen, liyan(dunno correct anot), phang meng, jessie was back home waiting for her to give her a supprise!!!!!!!!!

she almost cried

her birthday cake!!!

she looks tall... XD

she is tall.....

~her fAV pic~

charls ~ sue
jessie n amanda
dennis / jessie
random pic haha :P
phang meng was force by jessie...
we watch blades of glory after the pizza n cake!!! it was still funny after watching already... everyone laugh like crazy that night... dennis also laugh untill the chair was shaking XD
that day amanda was happy!

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