Thursday, August 16, 2007

catching up where i stop!!!

hey sorry i did not write anything after the 3 post i did. i member i wanted to blog but was to lazy to do so LOL... today is the day i plan to bring all the stuff i did last few weeks!!!!

this what happen during hari KOKO... let the pic do the talking. but 1st to say krs got 1st n 2nd place in marching competition!!! they were..... let me put it in 2 word!!!



this is the guy who lead them to the TOP!!!
(choong hern)

time to be serious KADETS....

TUAN giving orders!

~hormat kehadapan~

from this to,

to this...

*i call it the cross*

spinning like a wind mill

a close up (the middle guy) *he shouted almost all the time-ing
the BIG cross ^^ COOL MAN
this is the nice part where the made sounds
siap sedia untuk balik tuan...

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