Friday, August 17, 2007

maths intensive class!!!

this what happen... sean came up to me n ask me whether i would like to join this math class where they teach all the form 4 in jus one day!!! so i cos me like RM120 for it... it lies on a sunday, time = 9.a.m till 5.p.m!!!
i like the place there... it is very efficient!!!!!!!! hahaha XD (jacq say i keep saying that) LOL

i had a fun day anyway... i meet shing yi there! did not know she was also there for the intensive studying!!! we had lunch together ; the tuition centre ask u to tick what u wan to eat n drink b4 the class start!!! when is lunch time the food is already on the table so as the drink n in front of u is ur nema n what u ordered... COOL HUH????

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