Friday, August 17, 2007

the PARTY after the long hard time practising

they had a party after the competition!!! as they got 1st n 2nd they was given a hamper for each team... the days go like this >>> when to school, after school, PARTY time!

a group pic! *smile
another group pic ~serious~
some of the hat turn up at the back in the drain hahaha...
'what a reliefe ~WOW~'
learning from the best of the best
this is the fun part ppl
still going...
the smaller size once get the rest... hahah no la all had equal share!!!
the lower forms( as in form 1,2)
shing n choong yean (playing throw n catch with mouth)
after they are charge with energy again!
>>>>the POP-up<<<<
this what happen when we have too much time in our hand
some ppl still are as hyper like her!!! hahaha XD
the SnC---> u will never understand their world
one in her own world...
the other one.... haizh i don wan to say anything!!!
you did not see me in all this pic because i was behind!!! i was the camera man the hole day... hahah i had fun taking all the pic by the way... XD hahaha pic tell & make u feel people!!!

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