Sunday, September 2, 2007


on the 29 when to school as normal... after school me n amanda walk back from school!!!! stayed home n when to tuition at 6.45 till 8.15 and at 10 sooki, kiat thung n loong reach my house... later on mun hoe came with sarah n pik yen... they when 1st as i was waiting for amanda to reach my house... so near yet so late lol, jk hahaha... back to the story! reach school after 5 min ( mun hoe when 1st but my car reach 1st ) doink man... waited for poh den the journey begin>>> when to apartment... i only took a few pic that day...

the guys...

- poh ~ sooki ~ charls -

the fireworks was awesome!!! we did not even count down, we just stand there n suddenly the fireworks jus popping up... look down n see for yourself>>>>





give a title yourself!!!

this is how it looks like (if u get what i mean)

last but not least!!!

after that we wanted to walk around but.... sooki got a call, ming wei say he is really drunk n needed help... so the hole TEAM when hahah XD!!! sarah said she wanted ice cream so they when to baskin robbins n i when to find ming wei, he was with amanda, steph & kait tung... i was so shock to see him like that like a dead person... haizh u know i hate ppl (frens) to drink see what happen... pic to laugh.
jessie is still having fun n she sengaja wan to POSE... LOL

poh no don hold here i sweating... HOLD HERE (ming move poh hand to hold his left breast)
that is what happen during count down!!! haizh ahaah came back at 2 something n just sleep still recharge n have another day of fun!!!!

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