Thursday, September 13, 2007

one world, KURA (japanese)

DAY : Thursday

TIME : 2 ~ 4

PLACE : One world hotel, KURA

today in school it was so so no meaning!!! we did like so many stupid question about science, math, and add math... but school was fun with CRAZY jamie, MARZ the stunner, jacq THE MENNIS... all of us was laughing all the way talking about stupid stuff n playing around. teachers also played along like aminah and siok kim... hahah they are nice teachers!!!

came back from school n my sis was on her off day from training so we went out for lunch,

I : dad could we go somewhere nice to eat?

dad : where do you want to eat?
sis : erm... dunno la anything la...
dad : okay, thank you...
sis : so how?
I : so where we going to eat?
dad : lets go to one world to eat at KURA, the japanese restoran...
sis : okay let me go change 1st...
I : oh okay...

that is how we started and ended up going there to eat...

the food there is awesome!!!! ppl you should try it... the place there was nice XD... after the meal my sis friend gave us ice cream for dessert... my sis know one of the person there as they had work together before in A hotel as trainee...

here are some pic to make the blog more interesting...

this is what i ordered.

my sis food... her's was so much nicer compare to mine!!!

this is my soup... if i did not spell it wrong it is dobimushi...

the ice cream that my sis give for dessert! GREEN TEA

black sesami seed flavour.

the little garden of the hotel... we when to walk around after eating.

lets jus enjoy.... RELAX take a walk!!!

i kinda like this one... looks like it is floating in the pic ><

hahah just showing u what is between them. ( water )

well that is all for today that is what i did... after that u do not want to know what i did... ( do math and add math ) till 5 something 6 den when off to play ball... start nice with a 1st shot of the day... A 3 POINTER!!!! that shot made my day... hahaha XD sorry la just being stupid... okay till more come upS... SE3 Y@ :P

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