Monday, September 3, 2007


woke up late today n was told that i have to go to GM`s house (GM = grandmother) to eat lunch... i told my dad i have to be back b4 2 as i have a party to attend... hahahh when to centre point but no one was there yet n sooki call me n said hey we are still in out buying stuff so can u meet poh n bring him away from McD 1st... i was like ok ok...

OMG u know what i just remembered that i drop my phone that day n is was my 1st time dropping it... heart pain man!!!! haizh... anyway i walk with him for like 10 min den when to meet wei hoe at the game shop at the top n stayed there for till 3 i think.... * what are u all doing???? so LONG.... it was poh n ba bday celebration... pic pic down down here here

poh n dick head (bah)

cutting the cake!!!

those 2 look ok up there, but i dunno about this wan down here! hahaha

hey wanted to be in? yeah he was sproting i guess


1st runner up for the biggest breast... ( body too )

she want to look cool but it made her look stupid... she is looking at it the other way... hahaha XD

when to play ball after that n the girls locked us out from the car infront of my house.... we got back even when me n pm pakat to pinch them after all the hold us out till like 10 min plus u know what they were doing>? camwhore like shit... XD but they took pic of us too... here are some but there is some not to be seen by other after du lan here n there not good la...
whats up!!!

this look gay...

me!!! big fat lips yeah yeah.... i know

after that later on we went to yam cha... the sports car spot....

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