Monday, October 29, 2007


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


20 MORE DAYS TO SPM!!!! boy oh boy this is getting in my nerve... got to really pick up the motion of studying... from now it will be study here n there i shall call a time out on play. open the box and take Ur glasses out, stick Ur ass to the chair and don get up until u are done!!! anyway we still need to rest RIGHT? hahaha so here i m! i found this pic... since when u took this pic? DAMN hahaha XD

OH YOU KNOW WHAT? lim goh tong. (i dunno spell correct anot) he just pass away this afternoon... :( another rich guy gone!!! new one coming up XD

Friday, October 19, 2007


today when ice skating with poh, shing and friends... is was kinda crazy, i kinda lost a little touch in it! fell once today! haizh... *THANKS LIQI... hahaha from 12 something 1 till 5! leg starting to hurt... shall go to bed early today. have to push myself to start studying... tml having acc tuition hope that can push me a little!!!

tuesday ( water time )

In the morning woke up get ready den when to my GMs house to eat lunch and later on when to join sarah and sooki at ou!!! pm join not long after... we had tea break at SOHO because sooki wanted to drink the rose tea and sarah wanted to eat the boa there... hahah finish eating den phang meng when to MARKS to eat ice kacang... with no where to go we when to swim in sarah's house boy~o~boy the pool was just fine!!! i swim a little walk a little. it started to rain but WHO CARES we are already wet, whats a little rain do? XD sarah got out of the pool and took some pictures here it is... >>>

later that we when to titiwangsa... EYE OF MALAYSIA!!!

too bad it was close once we reach there... to think of it, is kinda small... lights of, when back to the car and they planed to go genting and back down... i was not in the mood so i head home...

SATURDAY. my 1st time!

hahah in the afternoon got a call from phang meng... pm : hey want to go time square anot? i was like erm who is going? pm : i dunno i call u back later... *after 5 min. change i m coming to pick u up going there with amanda n sue zen.. OH OKAY... i brought dvd to watch in pms car. RED LINE and 28 WEEK LATER...
sue zen took almost all the pictures...

later on we went ou planning to watch a movie but turn up going to mardigras... hahah i drink like 1 n half glass of beer wei. chun not even getting red or anything... hahah BUT later on i was in another world!!! i did some embarrassing stuff. XD i shall keep it with the ppl there... hahaha did not really take any pictures but it was fun la... i actually went to the dance floor n dance!!!! :)
people who went to ou : sooki, jessie, pik, amanda, phang meng and me!


i have something to say. i just found out not long ago from a person with a lot of knowledge... everyone heard of big apple right? well some haven heard of J.CO!!! here is the thing.. big apple is a Malaysia brand. J.CO is from Indonesia. so far i only saw J.CO at pavilion... big apple is everywhere ppl... one is coming up in one utama, big apple is located at the curve ( well i only know these few place )

i know is not much but just for your information... XD

Thursday, October 18, 2007


sorry for the late up-date and stuff... i was like in the mood of going out and my computer is always taken by my sister... early in the morning 8 something already infront of the computer... siao man... night time my other sis using... i wish i have my own computer, better still have my own LAP TOP!!! dad and mom i need one next time too u know so y not get it now huh?

well after the hole month of exams... we could rest a little. we kinda skip school to go KL the girls wanted to go there to shop for their coming prom. let me start here right now. we went to bukit bintang and ate at nando`s... the food there SUCKED, did not even taste good. they got the order wrong den i ask them to change... but they just take it in new plate new vege and stuff BUT the chicken just took the gravy away and put the other gravy... WTH!!!!!

when to pavilion not long after eating n walk around. that place it just BIG, most of it international brands everywhere. the girls bought some donuts at J.CO ( something like BIG APPLE )

this day was just a very long day okay. hahah when to ou with sooki, sarah, jessie because pm wanted to do something. walk walk walk walk walk>>>>

a phone call up the car send sooki back home den when to kepong for pms report. sarah, jessie and me was in the car waiting for him... what happen? hahaha cam whore.

hahah these few pic got my attention!!! ( the 3 above )

send sarah back home n played water behind her house... well i did not go in because i do not have extra clothes and not because i do not have extra undi. LOL!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

SIX of us... 1 goal, HAVE FUN!

friday. PMR is over!!! good for u people... haizh SPM in another less than one month away... anyway we made plan to eat at KURA, one world hotel, japanese food... we say be there at 12.30 but turning up they were all not ready... hahah GIRLS :/ fu xuan join in at the very last min n it was crazy in there!

let me show the inside of the place... jessie was taking pic the moment we step in!

the menu. it all started with i cup of green tea...

we started to order>>>>

while waiting? what u think girls, CAMWHORE!!!

the food was HERE!!!! YUMMY....

this is what i n jessie ordered

what do u think? hahah looks like there is enough for like another 4 more!!!

after that when to the toilet n guess what happen?

too much green tea!!!

we had so much fun!!! i mean like all of us just keep making jokes n stuff... we even when to TOY ARE US n play with the lego there, competing n see who could build the highest tower... :/