Friday, October 5, 2007

people let play ball... LET US KICK THE BALL!!!!

WOW people well my trials is over... hahah YAY but the BIG one is coming... S.P.M

i have been going out like crazy this few days man!!! hahaha having a few days fun b4 starting again!!!

thursday : well when to watch movie at the curve with sarah, pik, jessie, pm n MONSTER...

movie : i now pronounce you chuck n larry

comment : DAMN FUNNY MUST WATCH PPL!!!! hahaha

later on pm took sarah ONLY to kepong dunno do what... they say come back in one hour time... but... anyway me, jessie and pik shop at the curve... well is was them, i was just there following n looking here and there... i shall cut it short, i was home, 8 something when ou with jessie to get her dinner AKA junk food!!!!!! hahaha. den went to check this out.... OMG!! look at that,

well this is from the roof top FUTSAL!!!! to all lovers, this place is not bad... nice! CHECK IT OUT yourself....

later on jessie came my house to catch a movie... hahah HOT FUZZ, well is slow action movie, also quite lame n stupid but is FUNNY... hahaha there was 2 part that really made me laugh till i was on the floor...

OH!!! yeah almost forgot jessie ask me to make her a ice blended... hahah take a look,

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