Friday, October 19, 2007

SATURDAY. my 1st time!

hahah in the afternoon got a call from phang meng... pm : hey want to go time square anot? i was like erm who is going? pm : i dunno i call u back later... *after 5 min. change i m coming to pick u up going there with amanda n sue zen.. OH OKAY... i brought dvd to watch in pms car. RED LINE and 28 WEEK LATER...
sue zen took almost all the pictures...

later on we went ou planning to watch a movie but turn up going to mardigras... hahah i drink like 1 n half glass of beer wei. chun not even getting red or anything... hahah BUT later on i was in another world!!! i did some embarrassing stuff. XD i shall keep it with the ppl there... hahaha did not really take any pictures but it was fun la... i actually went to the dance floor n dance!!!! :)
people who went to ou : sooki, jessie, pik, amanda, phang meng and me!

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