Friday, October 19, 2007

tuesday ( water time )

In the morning woke up get ready den when to my GMs house to eat lunch and later on when to join sarah and sooki at ou!!! pm join not long after... we had tea break at SOHO because sooki wanted to drink the rose tea and sarah wanted to eat the boa there... hahah finish eating den phang meng when to MARKS to eat ice kacang... with no where to go we when to swim in sarah's house boy~o~boy the pool was just fine!!! i swim a little walk a little. it started to rain but WHO CARES we are already wet, whats a little rain do? XD sarah got out of the pool and took some pictures here it is... >>>

later that we when to titiwangsa... EYE OF MALAYSIA!!!

too bad it was close once we reach there... to think of it, is kinda small... lights of, when back to the car and they planed to go genting and back down... i was not in the mood so i head home...

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