Saturday, November 3, 2007


sorry it took me so long to put this up... was a little busy and getting the pic from ppl! anyway, on that Friday morning we went to school to so called celebrate her birthday. she saw the cake but she did not want to spoil the fun, she act like she look surprise but she did not expect this to happen come...

after school i went with pm and jessie to taman tun to settle some stuff... we had lunch at KFC. saw sharmane which i think looks like ho kah mun when she smile or laugh. so we were talking about that and the next thing u know it kah mun was there crossing the road. we said hi! oh we meet pn.liu also.

i did not go to sooki birthday party that night which she had in her house... SAD case man. i had to go for my aunt wedding dinner. anyway i join them after that dinner which is after 10 something... when to mardi with them. 1st time drinking black labour... not bad, for me is kinda sweet. i drink a little too much i guess look at me! >>>>

hey i improve alot ok... last time i only can like take a sip... still got one bottle that only drink a little only, it is in safe hands inside mardi...

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