Friday, December 28, 2007


hey sorry it took me so LONG... i still haven get all the pic yet... i shall blog about the ones i have 1st... i did not really snap a lot of pics. TO THE PROM COMMITTEE MEMBERS a very well done!!! i had lots of fun... ok here it goes prom was on 10.12.2007! 5 years gone, time to live hard. when with pik yen at around 9.30am we reach istana hotel... pik yen was the boss so she had to turn up early, and in the end everyone turn up late and all. the performers came to practice together... waited around 2 to get the morning room which we had to give back at check out at 7pm.

there were a little wave and all but it when fine... at around 6 something i head back to the hotel room to get ready for the night. the night started with the paper dolls. i was like what is this? hahahah CASINO ROYAL right? LAS VEGAS? we were all laughing our head out seeing them, but they were really professional... had 3 bands (if i m not mistaken) and a dance group for performance. had a little game and all just to get everyone closer to each other. jamie was being a likey to the MC, dunno why. hahaha XD

all the girls were on the dot, looking so gorgeous and the guy were bring it to the table very cool looking and all. kimberly was the prom queen and javan was prom king! they started with the dance floor and everyone just jump to it... not long comes the so called clubbing style. hahah

i when home at 4 something after eating supper with friends and chilled in their room TALKING!!! really had loads of fun....

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