Sunday, January 27, 2008

talk about not getting sick

hey i was kinda happy that i was not sick when everyone was... well i was happy to soon!!!! now i m sick. shall get well soon and start going out again, now i shall stay home or rest a for a while... :(

Thursday, January 24, 2008

going in going out

this few days i have been hanging out with friends... holidays seem kinda boring right now u know!!! alot of ppl is getting sick at this moment when Chinese new year is just around the corner waiting for us... kinda miss lion dance and my sifu for martial arts! well he gave me alot of experience and i have learn alot from him to become a better person. i shall visit him very soon!!! for now i try to stay fine and not fall sick... as for my friends who is sick, get well soon yeah. XD i shall take some pic from jessie and others for pics which we took when we went out.

happy birthday pamela

happy birthday pamela...

hope u like the present i gave u... take care and stay happy for this very new year ahead of u yeah!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


this is some pic we took at sarah's house. we were waiting for her and cant make any noise so jessie took her phone and poh come come... this is what we got... XD sarah sleep over at jessie house! thats y.

steph tham!

happy birthday STEPH THAM....

was kinda lost at 1st but was going with the flow later on... still think it was odd, but who cares? made this card for her with amanda the very last min...

" pls don stop the music" (phone ring)

charls : mushi mush!

amanda : hello? charlson ah? eh can u come over her and help me out with the card for tham?

charls : erm? oh coming soon la...

amanda : okay. thanks!

so when to her house and all we did is cut and paste and came out with this!!! check it out.

we played twister. that was where all the laughter and smiles appeared... XD hahah oh shing can really twist... hahah dont play with her ppl!!! WARNING.

i look so tired on that day... well i did not really get to sleep much. cant sleep!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

world coming to an end :S

well this was taking outside my house!!! i dunno what to say but this is just wicked... look like a twister.

31 of december 2007...

31 / 12 / 2007 aka december 31, 2007. hahah where everyone is having fun and decieded to work on that day just to help out... all my friend had LOTS of fun huh. hahah i kinda join them after 1 something. is sad but yeah i m the one who ask for it... XD i still had fun anyway!

sarah was in ou around 3 something 4... so she kinda chill in my shop with elysia, ah beng and wei bing... hahaha hope i get the name right. :/ only took 2 pictures on the day. :S one to be exact.


hahah i forgot to put this up... got this before we come back from Singapore... sarah got one too on her leg. Chinese word. AI = love!?!?

Friday, January 4, 2008


this took me a long time uploading all this pic... ok Singapore! it was a fun time spending time with all my close friends and having christmas there!!! the 1st day was ever lasting of madness going around! we took the bus, a midnight bus at puduraya all the way to Singapore. what could we do for the 5 hour of bus driving? this is when phone can just do more then just calling... thanks to my W810i half walkman half fully functional phone...
my dad got me roaming for this!!! this prove they do love me and was very worried till i came back... hahah parents love their kid, sometimes they just dunno how to express themselves so go easy on them ppl... XD ( i might get murder by saying all this) BUT IS TRUE!!!

reach Singapore at around 5am something 6 and we could only check-in to the room at 2pm... wah for the pass 9 to 10 hour what should we do? hahah we leave the bag in the hotel and went to get some breakfast which only cost 3 sing for a cup of tea, a hashbrown and toast bread... hahaha

kinda when shopping around looking at all the stuff. i kinda waited outside with poh and pm. the rest when to check out the perfume... when to this shopping complex which was pretty nice! the shop was not even open yet at that moment... when to mcd to get a drink and chill out there till time pass for the CHECK-IN time. LOL

oh i forgot to say the hotel is a freaking motel thing (chicken and man) all the one night STANDS!!!! lucky never hear any noise. :/

the 1st day was really nothing just all really tired and some getting up to each other nerves.

well the 2nd day was kinda a new start of the trip. sook huey brother took us around Singapore to do shopping and walk around other shopping malls with awesome lightings...

anyway i kinda forgot what happen on this day and what happen on that day... just enjoy the pics... XD i shall let the pictures do all the talking for me!!!

well i think thats all... oh ya, when we played this game which was quiet funny... hahah 1st game and i lost. was ask to go to a girl ask take a pic with her... i took pis with this pretty girl. the pic did not really show her hot-ness. tall, hot, pretty and all... XD she is cute to by the way... too bad did not get her number!?!

this was another thing... sarah did this to me. hahah she was like hei close ur eyes... "clip clip" and u have this. by the way it kinda hurt lol, dunno how girl can do it. like they say beauty is worth the pain! haizh... heheh