Sunday, January 13, 2008

steph tham!

happy birthday STEPH THAM....

was kinda lost at 1st but was going with the flow later on... still think it was odd, but who cares? made this card for her with amanda the very last min...

" pls don stop the music" (phone ring)

charls : mushi mush!

amanda : hello? charlson ah? eh can u come over her and help me out with the card for tham?

charls : erm? oh coming soon la...

amanda : okay. thanks!

so when to her house and all we did is cut and paste and came out with this!!! check it out.

we played twister. that was where all the laughter and smiles appeared... XD hahah oh shing can really twist... hahah dont play with her ppl!!! WARNING.

i look so tired on that day... well i did not really get to sleep much. cant sleep!

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