Thursday, January 3, 2008

sunway hotel, sleep over!!!

hahah well this was a present from karl to all of us... thanks yeah!!!! when to sunway to have fun in one room with alot of friends... hahah we played this game which is very fun till everyone drop dead at the end hahah. XD i was almost there until jessie and all ask me to stop lol... hahah turn out i was the one taking care of sooki and a little on pm...
pm u still have my bottle!!! i want it back...

i dunno is there only this few pic or i only got this few pic hahah just enjoy yay!

i did not sleep the hole night. after that i when to melaka straight after the other morning at 7 something!!!

sooki the other pic i think is all with u after all u took pictures right? oh and by the way the room was really nice and all... do check it out someday huh. ppl who when was me, sooki, jessie, phang meng, sarah, rebecca and karl... hahah really had loads of fun there... well part of it!

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