Thursday, February 28, 2008

a full time wednesday

early in the morning when to catch a movie with jeff lim and jessie. vantage point! i think the movie is ok but jessie just did not like it so i have nothing to say but her point of view is not every ones point of view right? anyway after that jeff have to go shooting at setapak so time out jessie, i went home. not long went to so called taman mega hospital to get a X-ray for my back... :S is it that serious? man!!!

what do u think? well after that went home for a rest shower. called jessie to talk to her(with house phone). my handphone ring!

jeff : hey i got u ticket for backstreet boys concert.
charls : oh ok. call jessie also?
jeff : yeah call her also, got 2 place! coming to pick u up in 20 min time!
charls : okay.

so we went to sunway lagoon beach side... DAMN! all also sand, well worst thing jessie was wearing high heels hahah. oh, i had fun spending time with new frens and did not like the crowd there which has this stupid big fella with HEAVY B.O and keep taking advantage of the girl infront of him!!! anyway don mind them we came out took shodow pics hahah ====> see

later on when minum with jeff and jessie at murni. later billy came and join again. talk and talk and u know what still talk n talk. oh got laugh la, laugh laugh laugh and talk again... never ending, WAH SO EARLY D AH? balik lo. 3 in the morning. hahah XD

step up 2!!! this movie is the boom for all those out there who love dancing... i have to watch it another time. all the cool, hard, nice sexy moves. A MUST WATCH MOVIE PEOPLE. is totally a different feeling. oh and the ending is a wet ending hahah nice effect yo!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what a day huh... well i had fun. hope u will enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

lights, camera rolling, ACTION

another shooting in hand!!! this time all i had to do is hands up and shout... it was fun compare to the other shooting. this one took place at pavilion shopping mall... play like mad and laugh the hole early morning... this add is for celcom. hannah tan was there, i think she is the main character. there were also other pretty women there. manage to snap a few pic with them so enjoy... i have to say they look al0t prettier real life!!! take a look. just afew hours and i m earning like 30 per hr!!! i'm loving it.

loong's girl...

loong was feeling lucky that night!!!

this girl dig dark skin coloured guys!!!! hahah XD lucky loong.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

adeline open house

wah a day huh... not much ppl but it was fun... sooki could not turn up and lucky poh was there so it turn out ok or not i will feel out of place! hahah XD oh sean was there to, so as nic foong. did not really take any pic that day so i shall just post this few here...

ichiban boshi

this was i treat from my aunty for helping her out with the gift she made for her client... she is in the advertising line so yeah. is a cny gift. she made it all by her own!!!

let me show u one of the sample.

i was just there that day to help me take it up and down. it was alot to carry and she needed help so i was there to help her out! way back from kl, it was raining and traffic jam. what do u expect kl to be at around 6 to 7 something plus rain! really jam... so we headed into pavilion to have dinner. i was not feeling very well so cant eat fried and heaty food... so what could we eat? she say is a treat as a thank you for me helping her out. check it out ppl. the food there is all worth paying for u know. i went home with a really full stomach.

V I school

was called to do a little shooting at v.i school... they were looking for 3 ppl, one girl two boys. ended up calling jessie and loong to earn a little extra. the bad news was we had to wake up at 5 something to get ready... u have to be there at 6 in the morning!!! well thats show biss right? anyway all we did was kinda waited for time to pass and later on after 12 hr we get paid... is was not really fun but, the payment make u smile. this is a few shot jessie took while we were waiting.

where did u go? i miss u so!!!

oh my my where is the girl that is always disturbing me and keep taking advantage of me!!! hey girl missing u day by day... hahah WELL kinda la. take care there ok. sorry i know u left long time go but i never post anything about it because i also dunno why... so i m doing it now! sorry if u r mad. all u could think of me is my BFL???? that is? what about my ni#%le? hahah call me when u r free. XD i have to say the last dinner was kinda nice!

Friday, February 15, 2008

jamie happy birthday!!!

this girl is really everything a guy wants in a girl!!!! she is hot! she is pretty! she is sexy! she is talented! she is smart! she is fit! don believe me ah? hahaha who cares. all this are facts so i don care whether u believe it or not! everyone know she is perfect.

hey jamie happy birthday girl. sorry i did not stay long but i have to leave early. hope u had fun standing on the chair and all the workers sing for u, this is the 1st time seeing so many ppl came and all ur frens played along. NICE .

love -charls-

Monday, February 4, 2008

happy birthday huey ren

hope u have a blast during ur birthday!!! hope to see u soon in dance class huh... this girl here can really dance! she smile all the time, cheerful girl. XD sorry i did not wish u on ur birthday so hope this will make up for it.

crystal and ah beng farewell

after shing birthday party i rush to ah beng house for the farewell party. it was just opp sue zen house, called her to see whether she is home anot but too bad she was not home, having dinner with family outside... went in and it was kinda dark so it took me a while to see who is who! saw crystal when over and gave her a hug, shake ah beng hand. sat down join the game (the king get to say anything)!!! it was all fun. XD later on we when to aman suria to yam cha. boy oh boy the 1st time we needed like 3 to 4 rectangle table, had my milo ice and roti nai nai... snap afew pic before leaving... i m going to miss crystal the bimbo! hahaha XD