Thursday, February 28, 2008

a full time wednesday

early in the morning when to catch a movie with jeff lim and jessie. vantage point! i think the movie is ok but jessie just did not like it so i have nothing to say but her point of view is not every ones point of view right? anyway after that jeff have to go shooting at setapak so time out jessie, i went home. not long went to so called taman mega hospital to get a X-ray for my back... :S is it that serious? man!!!

what do u think? well after that went home for a rest shower. called jessie to talk to her(with house phone). my handphone ring!

jeff : hey i got u ticket for backstreet boys concert.
charls : oh ok. call jessie also?
jeff : yeah call her also, got 2 place! coming to pick u up in 20 min time!
charls : okay.

so we went to sunway lagoon beach side... DAMN! all also sand, well worst thing jessie was wearing high heels hahah. oh, i had fun spending time with new frens and did not like the crowd there which has this stupid big fella with HEAVY B.O and keep taking advantage of the girl infront of him!!! anyway don mind them we came out took shodow pics hahah ====> see

later on when minum with jeff and jessie at murni. later billy came and join again. talk and talk and u know what still talk n talk. oh got laugh la, laugh laugh laugh and talk again... never ending, WAH SO EARLY D AH? balik lo. 3 in the morning. hahah XD

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