Thursday, March 27, 2008

so called 1 hr right?

when to college the 2Nd time for so called an hour of mass com briefing. had my time table already for this week / this semester... i kinda like next week rundown cox is not very tight or long hours... finally got the 1st semester fees done. i when to make my student card today but sadly to say the ran out of cards so what can i say? well i no need to say anything but thank u... they just say OH no more card d lo. come back next week la... haizh... i think i will like this course, i know i will... XD for this 2 days is another holiday till the realt studying starts...

what are u thinking? i really dunno what u want to do. could u tell me? let me know what is going on and dont hide it pls...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my 1st day...

this bring the feeling back when i was younger. i mean i m still young! anyway the feeling of feeling lost, no friends no seen faces... the 1st step was really weird. the mind u just keep thinking, hey u know what this is it. i m going to be here for more than 2 years plus for the mean time... if u guess it, yeah i m in college now! there will be no more playing time, free time to do whatever u want when u want... got to start to be serious and no more playing matter as it is college, the Chinese says eat rice or porridge will be judge here. i have been thinking if i start work now i will only have a income up to hundreds, if i take this time to study and get a diploma and a degree to find a job, at least thousands. this is just a stupid and simple example but is true... i still have to take care of my parents later on right?
anyway Monday. back to Monday! talk about 1st step. look to my left, look to my right. no one seem to be a familiar face. i keep telling myself : hey i m here to study so don't mind that. next thing u know, eh u also studying here ah? oh and u go blah blah black sheep... we played some games when every was registered for march intake. there were less than 200 ppl for this intake. ice breaking section was fun, my group won!!! talk about 1st day in college huh.
well that about it. did not really even do anything. oh ya, we had a tour around the campus but i still dunno where is where. i guess it will take time huh. i only have to go back on Wednesday for an hour of briefing. today is a day off right? well not i still have loads to get ready. will keep u up dated about my college life. XD
over and out!

Friday, March 21, 2008


now i know how is bangsar shooping like... last night i was really bored at home doing nothing much hangging around and watching DVDs. called sooki and she told me that she is going down to bangsar with jessie. i followed cox i dunno what else can i do at home. kinda skip dinner with parents :S anyway i drove down from pj to so called kl huh. the car was giving problem and all :( sorry girls. we still made it there and back right? hahah sooki got a pair of SHARP high heels and a T-shirt. jessie got a slipper, half jacket (i dunno what is it called). i think thats is all. OH sooki did something to her eyebrowns, is called treading... hahah XD anyway had dinner at tomorrow. i ordered hong kong che chong fun, popiah, chicken wings ended with a jambo orange juice!!! when home at around 10 something shower and was ready for bed... that is how my so called public holiday ended... :P by the way i m hungry now... before i go, have i say the bangsar shopping consist of alot i mean alot of stairs!!! :S but it was fun...

grandmother's birthday!

i got the cable back from shing. now i have the pic done so here it does! the other day was my grandmother's birthday!!! from my mom side... some how she like to eat japanese food so we turn up at one world hotel to have dinner at kura! 1st of all i want to tell u something at her age i think she is super crazy and can even beat a teenager. thats what i think la... ok she likes drinking soft drinks, most fav is sarsi. do u know thoes years back they use the metal mug? know it? anyway yeah is a really big mug where she use to drink it. here is the best part she put like 1\4 of soft drink and the rest is just pure ice all the way to the top!!! so what u think? OH wonderful food, not to say that she know how to cook alot of dishes. she even came up with this 'stew' where u have chicken, potato, tomato, last is the cambel mushroom soup. u know the tin wan where u add water and boil? yeah that one. ok back here, she likes shushi so here is where we brought her... we order alot alot of food... all set and all boy was i really full... we took a walk around the hotel talking to each other enjoying the time... did not really took any pic but only a few while everyone was eating and while waiting for mine to come...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


hey more updates coming soon... shing borrowed my cable so i cant upload pic into my com for the time being!!! next post will be about my grandmother birthday. XD hahah coming up... to think of it i have a sad case cox no one even come to my blog page and read the posts i posted!!!

once upon a time

once upon a time... this pic was taken long time ago and i forgot whether i post it up on my blog anot so to make sure i shall post it now... i kinda miss the old days where we have fun during school days and all... most important i miss u all... JACQ when is that outing going to happen? hahah

random day indeed

the other day back the girls had training in the morning... i m proud to say every single one of them have improve alot... girls it does not stop here. u all can do better!!! anyway after that amanda had to stay in school for something but later on it was cancel so i ask her, why not catch a movie? she was afraid that her mother wont let so i kinda talk to the mother. shing came along. well i had the a wonderful day spending time with 3 beautiful girls... juliet join us, after all she was suppose to go out with amanda but she had something to do but is was cancel so the 4 of us watch spiderwick... this movie was wonderful... everyone should watch it. shing snap a few pic while waiting for time to pass... we hang around MPH could u believe it of all places but there! anyway they were talking and joking inside there... OH WAIT, did i mention? they walk freaking fast. i mean really fast... 2 steps they are way ahead of u... last but not least shing had her toes clean hahah. i was just sitting there observing! anyway enjoy the pic XD ----->

this was taken by shing one day and she thinks i look like him... hey this is one of my fav character in disney world ok!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

life taken away from u

what was once part of my life is taken away from me.
u know this is part of my life, my thing...
how do u want me to stay like this for the rest of my life?
what was once, has now passed coming to a dot at the end...

cheap trill

if i m not mistaken this happen on the 22 of December till 23 of December... went to Malacca for a family small trip. my family and my uncle's family. A famosa, i did some shooting and horse riding.

sorry i only post it now, because my mom just took out the pic few days back... i learn how to ride a horse and had fun shooting the dummies standing there hahah...

i know the yellow helmet is not that nice but anyway....