Friday, March 21, 2008


now i know how is bangsar shooping like... last night i was really bored at home doing nothing much hangging around and watching DVDs. called sooki and she told me that she is going down to bangsar with jessie. i followed cox i dunno what else can i do at home. kinda skip dinner with parents :S anyway i drove down from pj to so called kl huh. the car was giving problem and all :( sorry girls. we still made it there and back right? hahah sooki got a pair of SHARP high heels and a T-shirt. jessie got a slipper, half jacket (i dunno what is it called). i think thats is all. OH sooki did something to her eyebrowns, is called treading... hahah XD anyway had dinner at tomorrow. i ordered hong kong che chong fun, popiah, chicken wings ended with a jambo orange juice!!! when home at around 10 something shower and was ready for bed... that is how my so called public holiday ended... :P by the way i m hungry now... before i go, have i say the bangsar shopping consist of alot i mean alot of stairs!!! :S but it was fun...

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