Friday, March 21, 2008

grandmother's birthday!

i got the cable back from shing. now i have the pic done so here it does! the other day was my grandmother's birthday!!! from my mom side... some how she like to eat japanese food so we turn up at one world hotel to have dinner at kura! 1st of all i want to tell u something at her age i think she is super crazy and can even beat a teenager. thats what i think la... ok she likes drinking soft drinks, most fav is sarsi. do u know thoes years back they use the metal mug? know it? anyway yeah is a really big mug where she use to drink it. here is the best part she put like 1\4 of soft drink and the rest is just pure ice all the way to the top!!! so what u think? OH wonderful food, not to say that she know how to cook alot of dishes. she even came up with this 'stew' where u have chicken, potato, tomato, last is the cambel mushroom soup. u know the tin wan where u add water and boil? yeah that one. ok back here, she likes shushi so here is where we brought her... we order alot alot of food... all set and all boy was i really full... we took a walk around the hotel talking to each other enjoying the time... did not really took any pic but only a few while everyone was eating and while waiting for mine to come...

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