Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my 1st day...

this bring the feeling back when i was younger. i mean i m still young! anyway the feeling of feeling lost, no friends no seen faces... the 1st step was really weird. the mind u just keep thinking, hey u know what this is it. i m going to be here for more than 2 years plus for the mean time... if u guess it, yeah i m in college now! there will be no more playing time, free time to do whatever u want when u want... got to start to be serious and no more playing matter as it is college, the Chinese says eat rice or porridge will be judge here. i have been thinking if i start work now i will only have a income up to hundreds, if i take this time to study and get a diploma and a degree to find a job, at least thousands. this is just a stupid and simple example but is true... i still have to take care of my parents later on right?
anyway Monday. back to Monday! talk about 1st step. look to my left, look to my right. no one seem to be a familiar face. i keep telling myself : hey i m here to study so don't mind that. next thing u know, eh u also studying here ah? oh and u go blah blah black sheep... we played some games when every was registered for march intake. there were less than 200 ppl for this intake. ice breaking section was fun, my group won!!! talk about 1st day in college huh.
well that about it. did not really even do anything. oh ya, we had a tour around the campus but i still dunno where is where. i guess it will take time huh. i only have to go back on Wednesday for an hour of briefing. today is a day off right? well not i still have loads to get ready. will keep u up dated about my college life. XD
over and out!

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