Tuesday, March 18, 2008

random day indeed

the other day back the girls had training in the morning... i m proud to say every single one of them have improve alot... girls it does not stop here. u all can do better!!! anyway after that amanda had to stay in school for something but later on it was cancel so i ask her, why not catch a movie? she was afraid that her mother wont let so i kinda talk to the mother. shing came along. well i had the a wonderful day spending time with 3 beautiful girls... juliet join us, after all she was suppose to go out with amanda but she had something to do but is was cancel so the 4 of us watch spiderwick... this movie was wonderful... everyone should watch it. shing snap a few pic while waiting for time to pass... we hang around MPH could u believe it of all places but there! anyway they were talking and joking inside there... OH WAIT, did i mention? they walk freaking fast. i mean really fast... 2 steps they are way ahead of u... last but not least shing had her toes clean hahah. i was just sitting there observing! anyway enjoy the pic XD ----->

this was taken by shing one day and she thinks i look like him... hey this is one of my fav character in disney world ok!!!

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