Sunday, April 13, 2008

diploma in mass comm...

there goes my second week of college... nothing much really happen but just assignment and bonding with frens... tomorrow will be going to college and handing up the 4 articles for my assignment and see what will miss Z say... after all i m still very blur in what to find... i shall take time to understand and all... anyway here it this, last Friday a group of us went to ou just to have lunch and chill out. this ppl here are all friendly and fun... we joke and talk while having lunch at jetty... oh yeah and also taken pictures. girls camwhore! i only took one with melody. shall take one with jilian, jasmine, michelle, patricia, saby and safy (twins)!!! tml will be another long day for me, full time in college from 8 to 5 p.m!!! might be having lunch with Vivian and edmund... until then? will keep it updated... hope my articles is correct la... :S i only got 4 pic, let u know who is who aka intro.


*left > jasmine>jilian>safy&saby>melody>michelle>shang.

"tall to short" ( jatta/brandon : wei : ivan : shang)

i dunno what is this but yeah... brandon like this pose, he says!

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