Tuesday, April 22, 2008

girls basketball team!

last week was MssD. sorry i did not enough time to surf the net or update my blog because was really doing assignment the hole week... now i m here, back and ready to blog again. this 14 girls make me really proud. they have really improve from ground. basic? what is that? well these girls are all over it.. anyway we lost 2 games but look at the bright side, we won 1 game right? i remember i promise a party for u all but i don have the time planing it... i promise after ur exams i will have a party for u all... pls be patient... anyway this were the pic some one took. hahaha i m not sure who d but yeah... i like the jersey, i have to say it again. one of the best. everyone is jealous.

during practice! i dunno u ppl could spot me anot but yeah... oh and one think is was hot. it doent look like it but it is.. the sun is just right on top!!!

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