Tuesday, May 20, 2008

end of mid term.

one week of mid-term exam has ended. my first semester is almost done... still got another 6 more semester to go... O.o wah long-NAY. one hole week studying hard, sleeping late, getting up early to continue my revision. blink- blink eh mid-term over? WAH ! swt now break down, fallen sick. haizh, darling come and take care of me!!! XD hahaha i need u.

i finish my my exam last Friday and it was Andrew's birthday the very same day. after 2 hour of hair pulling and head banging, we headed to ou for lunch! we went to jetty. there was 15 to 16 ppl, we could not sit in one table because there were not enough space. we sat in 3 different places and tables.
after lunch we walk around. here comes the sad part where everyone was walking their own separate ways. hahaha anyway we see each other 5 days a week lol. time-out... later on i send ivan, pat, wilson and jilian home.

i have been thinking, maybe we should do this. every once in a month we have to go out and have a meal together... should we? i think we should.


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