Wednesday, May 7, 2008

happy birthday kenneth

it all started with " EH, kenneth birthday coming soon! what can we do? " why not we all go out to celebrate at the mean time have bonding time with new college mates aka new friends... oh ok can can can... hahah this how is started. no one was really doing anything, so i took the initiative to do something.... what i had in mind was have lunch and watch a movie together...

that's what we did. 1st of all, we went to get tickets for the movie. headed for lunch at 1920 after that... that is when the fun part started, where everyone sit down and start socializing with one and other. we totally took the hole place down. 1920 was ours at that time. crazy-ness ( laughing out and talking REALLY loud )

watch definitely, maybe / maybe, definitely. i keep saying it the other way lol. couples sat together but the rest did the lucky draw format hahaah... XD malang lah saya... i got a place with sides of boys... look to the left boy, look to the right O.O boy also... haizh, better luck next time huh... anyway enjoy the pictures..


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