Tuesday, June 3, 2008

my working holiday.

up down touch the ground, puts me in the mood. Winnie The Pooh for all season is here and now is over already. well last week i finish my mid-term for my very 1st semester, we had one week of holiday and i got a job for the whole week.

G.R.O position!

GRO aka guest relation officer... so that was me. we had to guide the people in and out, show them the way and all. i was ask to dance in front of the guest/ an example for the kids to follow. when i first heard it, i was like O.O WHAT? me? oh. was kinda nervous at 1st but yeah, was putting on a show for everyone.

working was fun with new friends and old ones. learn a lot from working for the pass 8 days. i gained a lot of experience doing this.

i was working in one utama for 5 days in a roll at old wing. after that we had 2 days off and headed to bukit tinggi, klang. first of all, thanks wpm for giving us a lift with the comfortable estima of yours.

we had a really nice boss, olivia... she is really cheerful and fun to be with. these days there is no boss like her in the world. XD hahaha
i almost forgot, the sound box people is very good at making balloon dummies. i was given a pig. the story goes like this, jilian got a flower from them so i ask why only she has one and we don't? so he said ok i make one that looks like u! that how the pig came about haizh.

this was given to gro's who did a consistence job.

the above things was given after we finish working at one utama as a thank you gift for now.

ayub won a bet, charlene lost. haizh...

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