Tuesday, July 29, 2008


hey! just another random post i will like to do because life is like this...

i have to say G2000 member card is kinda nice and is only 10 ringgit for a life time.

i like it because it is black and shiny. hhahah :p

happy birthday jazzlyn

last Friday when to parkview, kelana jaya. we celebrated jazzlyn birthday there... it started slow with chit-chat and all and was pump up by the music with a DJ who has been fusing amazing songs together... hahah anyway. now she is legally 18. hahah we r getting old wei... damn!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is a few pictures that were really random and was taken long time ago.

1st, there is this bimbo guy which just figuring out how to use the ATM machine and get the money out... hahah my sister, Wilson!

then there is me where i wore Wilson shades. while waiting for the girl behind me, Patricia to finish blogging. she is also my sister. hahah :P

took this shot while i was in sunway. when to spent some time with my auntie and her daughter. we watch "journey to the center of the earth in 3D... nothing much but yeah it was nice... hahaha

the last one which is this. taken really long ago and i mean long ago. hahaha i also do not remember i took this picture with her. vivian. she is a fun and nice person to be with... she looks funny here. hope she dont kill me la... :P

back on track.

okay after all the studying and attending college, my breaks feels great and soon it felt bored. so i guess i will be planing something very soon for us (college mates). anyway got a call and what do u know. shooting time. hahaha at the very last min, they needed a another girl. so i ended up calling melody for it.

woke up five something in the morning because we had to be there at 6am. as u all know Malaysia time is not on the dot. we kinda left pj area around 6am. hahah lucky we were not late.

take a look at a few shots i took while waiting for our scene.

Friday, July 18, 2008

the story book

okay this is a story book that my group did. my group was jasmine, melody, xiu wei and me. we did this for our I.T assignment. it turn out fine and the lecturer, mr.vincent was very happy with the work. we were suppose to make a story book for kids with moral values and make it as real as possible. so we did this for a change. enjoy! sorry for not saying much, but i prefer to let the pictures do the talking. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


SORRY I TOOK SO LONG BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING IN HERE! I JUST ENDED MY EXAMS. BEFORE THIS WEEK WAS BUSY WITH ASSIGNMENT THEN STUDY WEEK CAME AND ALL... finally after all those weeks, i m finally free now! plus a one month break until i start my next semester in August 13. i know, mass comm rocks! hahaha anyway 1st of all i want to say happy birthday to my beloved girlfriends which is Jilian and patricia. June babies! all of us are now legally 18.

happy birthday jil.

happy birthday pat.

i also do not really remember what i did through out this whole 2 weeks. all i remember is doing assignment and studying. i do remember where i go, what i did for relaxing myself.
just enjoy the picture ya? enjoy!

next up will be the story book my group made for out last assignment and also our final grading for introduction to I.T! till den, i will be back. XD