Wednesday, July 23, 2008


this is a few pictures that were really random and was taken long time ago.

1st, there is this bimbo guy which just figuring out how to use the ATM machine and get the money out... hahah my sister, Wilson!

then there is me where i wore Wilson shades. while waiting for the girl behind me, Patricia to finish blogging. she is also my sister. hahah :P

took this shot while i was in sunway. when to spent some time with my auntie and her daughter. we watch "journey to the center of the earth in 3D... nothing much but yeah it was nice... hahaha

the last one which is this. taken really long ago and i mean long ago. hahaha i also do not remember i took this picture with her. vivian. she is a fun and nice person to be with... she looks funny here. hope she dont kill me la... :P

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