Wednesday, July 16, 2008


SORRY I TOOK SO LONG BEFORE POSTING ANYTHING IN HERE! I JUST ENDED MY EXAMS. BEFORE THIS WEEK WAS BUSY WITH ASSIGNMENT THEN STUDY WEEK CAME AND ALL... finally after all those weeks, i m finally free now! plus a one month break until i start my next semester in August 13. i know, mass comm rocks! hahaha anyway 1st of all i want to say happy birthday to my beloved girlfriends which is Jilian and patricia. June babies! all of us are now legally 18.

happy birthday jil.

happy birthday pat.

i also do not really remember what i did through out this whole 2 weeks. all i remember is doing assignment and studying. i do remember where i go, what i did for relaxing myself.
just enjoy the picture ya? enjoy!

next up will be the story book my group made for out last assignment and also our final grading for introduction to I.T! till den, i will be back. XD

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