Wednesday, August 27, 2008

happy birthday melody

eh, melody ah... finally legal d ah... lets go clubbing! :)

anyway happy birthday ya. well the party did not turn out that good but just hope u had fun... the surprise totally did not work and blind folding you, putting u in a dark class room just clearly did not work... hahah


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

thank you!

first of all, i want to say thanks to my dad for getting it for me! :P hahah i finally got what i wanted. want to know what is it? well here it goes. it all just suddenly happen.

it is gray in colour and finishing with a turquoise.

product of Sony.

you have to flip it to open and close.

is a touch screen on top. you just have to wave on top to silent it.

hahah i guess u know what is it already.
yeah i got a new phone. this phone is wicked. hahah XD.

W380i :P

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

time to be serious!

college is just around the corner... i will be starting my second semester next Monday which is the 18 of august! this semester i will be taking 5 subjects. we wanted to take LAN subject this semester but was advise not to because the lecturer is afraid that we could not handle too much at once. anyway i hope everything would be fine and nothing will go wrong.
lets talk about my timetable shall we? hahah everyone in march intake do not like the timetable that was given to us. why? well let me break it down for you, we have to be in college from morning to afternoon with no break at all, straight down classes! not fun at all.

this semester i will be taking this following 5 subject :
  • Critical Thinking and Reading Skills
  • Media Research Methods
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • Introduction to Radio Production
  • Principles of Copy Writing

what do you all think? sound hard? hahah :P i think radio is going to be fun. what i heard is that MDM is HARD and a lot of our senior fail this subject. :/ let me just hope for the best...

oh last but not least, i did not fail anything in my first semester and i do not have to re-sit for anything... i just made it through sociology. i shall thank god for this.

~ over and out ~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

my dear fello class mates. ice skating anyone?

my holiday is coming to an end... one month of holiday is really alot of time to spare, but i did not do anything exciting or really fun...
i did had time to spent with my love one.. :P
so for my class mates who read my blog... there will be a ice skating section in sunway this coming Monday, which is 11/08/2008. pls sms me or something to let me know whether you are interested in coming or not... thanks. XD this is be our gathering section. PEACE !