Monday, October 27, 2008

sweet escape

my blog is seriously damn dead since the last post i posted apologising for the late updates. i have been really busy this few weeks and now is kinda a 3 days break with nothing much to worry about and could actually relax a little and escape from the fast moving real world. this post will be the MAIN SWEET ESCAPE since i last blog and all the assignments was building up. i only have a few place which i have pictures of and some was just to much fun to actually take pictures. overall, i when to beaches, parks, shopping centre and etc. this also include family trips and hanging out with friends.i do not really remember where i really went, i remember i when to desa park city with friends, to the beach (bagan lalang) with my family, LOUD 2008, port dickson with close friends and more small outing which i will not mentioning because me myself do not have a clue where i went and did, all i know is that i was taking a time out from the hectic life i have.

i could tell you that i m slowly growing up. i will be the one learning rather then you are going to. my positive way of thinking just to make myself feel better and happy. face it, it is a fact of life.

anyway here are some pictures that is taken from the places i when for a time out.

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