Wednesday, December 31, 2008


hey hey hey. i m back from my holiday! how is everyone doing? i have a lot to catch up with, i heard that a lot has happen while i was away for my holiday. hahah holidays is about to end and i m sorry i took so long to upload this post and the pictures. well this is my 5 days 4 nights stay at SUPERSTAR LIBRA with a round number of 30 peoples. i have to say is was rather fun, not to bored, not to happening. there are show but only one a day. the rest of the day will just be free and easy, you just have to find your own activities. oh, i put on a few pounds after coming back. why? well in a day they provide 5 to 6 meals a day. all we did there was wake up eat, walk, eat, walk, eat. had my Christmas countdown on the ship. it was more gui lou then other races. spotted a few pretty ones but i m still loyal hahaha O.O to who leh? pictures are below, i will just pop up once in a while to talk about the pictures, only same. here it goes...

the 1st day, boarding the ship. the process.

when exploring after getting in to the ship. we explore and had BBQ lunch on the top deck. was welcome with a fashion show about thing that are available on the Superstart Libra.

the 2nd day, reach phuket and when down to walk around. i like the beach there. it has nice fine sand and clear water (cant beat redang).

i forgot the night before this, the kids were at top deck having the fun of their live letting the wind bring us anywhere it goes... it was really windy, you can never get that type of wind anywhere else but.

it was that windy okay... lucky i got my anchor, which i m holding.

the 3rd day heading to Singapore.

~Gala Night Dinner~

the 4th day, reach Singapore.

the christmas countdown. :P

the crew members working their asses just to make sure we are happy. but i have to say, the chinese cursine was a real disapoinement to me. the rest were great and wonderful keep it up!

dancers from brazil.

the captain of SUPERSTAR LIBRA.

the people working there was from all over the world. the one i took picture with was from china, japan, phillipine. the are also malaysian which is working in the ship, the head chef is from malaysia. on the ship they use singapore currency because it was licence in singapore.

time to leave the ship with a wonderful experience in the pocket of life. if you have notice, i got something new :P

okay people, show is over. nothing to see here. hahah untill the next post i guess this will do...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


this is just a random post i m going to come up with to give you a summary of my holidays so far. i worked and hang around with my friends. soon i shall relax even more for my Christmas.

picture time!

during the first week of holiday i was working. crystal was there to help on the first day because sooki ffk the job for a bigger one. turns out she like this type of job, i have to say no one will not love this job unless you do not like kids. nabihan was our emcee for the event. jil and charlene help for the following days.

ice skating with my best friend in college, jil her cousin zap and euguene. it was a fun day. i liked it. :P sadly jil is now working and could not spent more time with me any soon. hahaha lol. don't forget what u promise me! i shall wait.

this is not related to my week, it was taken some time ago. i just feel like putting this up. she really work hard for her finals. what add maths can actually cause. see the way she was trying to figure out the question.

another picture of her doing stupid stuff. she love to stone.

taxi clan. you mess with one, you shall mess with all of them... but for now, they just need some gas for theirs taxi.

this does not relate to the nice decoration above. this is just another random picture i took because lo. the title is randomness right?

thanks huey ren for making this for me... hahah i will return the the container soon... :P nice cookies.

branch with my fun friends. they never fail to laugh and smile. first time seeing shing in a very long time. you are not fat, i was only pulling your leg. you are actually better looking then before. HOT, in euguene terms. he was like "eh, shing fat meh? she quiet hot what. go kau her la."