Tuesday, December 2, 2008

introduction to radio

one of my subject this semester was "introduction to radio". this subject is fun and will actually learn a lot of things about radio and how they work inside and outside the studio and the do and donts while broadcasting. well i have to say this subject was not easy due to the lack of co-operation with group members. every group always has group members who does not really help and do their part... i m not pointing any fingers, just stating if we were more united it will be better and easier. anyhow we did it and we had fun. i learn A LOT in this subject. for example, editing songs, clipping, fade-in fade-out and etc. how to plan things.

being a good leader is not how good you can be but how good you can turn and manipulate the members into a plus point. that is a good leader.

i do not know whether you get what i mean, but yeah.

i shall talk less and show you pictures of our process.

this pictures was taken during our last recording. we had to pre-record the PSA,capsules, promos and ads for our broadcasting. so this is what happen in the studio, recording and having fun. :)

the following pictures was taken during our live broadcast in KDU college, concorse area where all the fun is. we had games and wonderful prizes by sponsors. i would i to say thank you once more to the sponsors who gave us wonderful support making it a very suscessful broadcast. special thanks to:
  • BAMBOO THREE DOT COM coperate gifts
  • OPTIMAL SOLUTION financial service

my lecturer MR.VIMAL aka DOUBLE D. he was also joining the fun!

other lecturers are also having a wonderful time.

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