Friday, March 20, 2009

bring the life back

i blog is dead. it has been 1month plus not touching my blog. was practically handling my college stuff plus chilling out. i just ended my 3rd semester. my finals was on Monday and Tuesday and now i m having holidays for 3 weeks or so. sadly to say just 3 week i might need to head back for LAN subject and presentations. life is cool. have been really tired this few days, haven been sleeping. anyway to start of my blog i shall do a post that i was tag in...
you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you
1. i like to throw my things everywhere.
2. have to shower before i sleep.
3. wash my feet when i come in the house.
4. throw my dirty cloths in my room, one side and take it down the next day.
5. like to chill and go out with friends.
6. i want to be a degree holder.
7. plan to do events.
8 would like to try out life risking things.
9. have a wonderful family with 2 to 3 kids.
10. want to watch all the latest movies.
11. i haven taken my bath yet (just woke up, writing this post).
12. i forgot i have a assignment that i haven finish yet.
13. have presentation on Honda this Wednesday.
14. i love MILO.
15. i love you (you should know) :P
i think that's about it... hahah anyway thanks poh for actually tagging this to me. make me thing and i remembered that i have a assignment to finish. hahahah anyway i m off to do it now! hahah next post should be a CLASSIC POST. till then bye.