Sunday, April 19, 2009

as i promise!

hey i m back for more updates and this time with pictures. :P

YAY! hahah anyway is not any new pictures and all but yet the old pictures where we were all still like form 4, form 5. i just hope my friends do not kill me for this, after all they had pictures that i wish not for people to see but then after all, who cares. is just for laugh right? dont kill me! i kinda miss the days where we were having fun together. outing, dancing, jokes. hahah sometimes even the drama...

here are the individual pictures of my beloved friends. hahaha PM do not get mad. i m serious.

to finish this post. i would like to sat that we are having a gathering after class at curve. as our one year in diploma in mass comm. lets bring back the old days shall we... the same place for lunch ya. anything pls talk about it on monday in college. oh BTW we are having it on the 21st of april (tuesday). people who can is driving, we need transport. :P pls and thank you. hahah


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