Friday, April 10, 2009

i m proud of all of you

well MSSD has already ended this year... sadly to say bud4 did not get 1st.


girls under 18, lost.

boys under 15, when into the 2nd round.

boys under 18, got 4th place. they will be heading to BU3 to get their cert and medal.

overall they put up a good fight. i could see the guys really put up a fight and gave it all they got. i did not only see team work, i also saw support from each and everyone of them towards each other. the effort they put had paid off.

some even teared. you should not put yourself too hard and take it as a lesson learn. in basketball, in life. there is no doubt that one they all of you will be very successful.

as for the girl, :) you all did play well, from not knowing what is basketball to scoring and playing the game. it was not easy teaching you monkeys but we have been through alot and all i can say is I M PROUD TO BE YOUR INSTRUCTOR!

anyway is over. group dinner! TBC ya.

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