Wednesday, May 20, 2009

? ? ? discrimination of age ? ? ?

sorry i just want to vent it out... no hard feeling or backstabbing involved.

i was hit in the face today and it bring me back to the real world.

i was turn down on a job just because i was too young. i do not blame that person. she haven see what i can bring to the table. in the dog bite dog world, experience that really come to a matter and age does not really matter. it is hard to believe that at my age, i have gain many experience. EXPERIENCE that's really matter. to the people out there who is reading this, do not judge people by its cover. hahaha to think of it, is quiet funny because you haven even seen my cover. yet just because of a simple figure you turn me down. figures does not even matter.

people should have the right to at least try out once before getting turn down. beside turning down by then is still possible. in the world there are many wonderful people achieving wonderful results at the age that people could not imagine. by watching Britain got talent already show so much, even at age six you could stand out and be wonderful. as a person like me is all about the experience that count. i have been working for 3 years with this company and have learn the strings about the products.

i think i should be given a chance to put my experience to use. no matter the age, size, colour, religion. in education we were thought not to judge people and everyone is equal.

you ask for recommendation and they given you my name but yet you turn me down. it is not easy to build a solid recommendation from your company. after all it also reflect the company.

to make me feel better, :P is your lost not having me as part of it. YES i m sad and also mad at you! maybe i do not see what you see. being a instructor at my age teaching "older people" is not an issue, there is no shame learning from a younger person. is the comment passion we share that brings us together and enjoying what we love doing. as long as i earn their respect which i have and many people are actually shock when they realize my age. pls change your perception of thinking. have you heard about a 8 year old actually buying a car online? yup it was a bad thing but think of it in a positive point of view, he actually bought a car online. i know this is out of the topic BUT HIS ONLY 8 YEARS OLD! main point AGE DOES NOT MATTER. discrimination should stop.

okay i feel better... thank you. have a nice day. we shall met one day and i will show you what i can bring to the table. to the people who had the same problem, do not give up. we will change their perception...