Friday, July 31, 2009

hardwork do get you somewhere.

hey people! i m back for more... today morning was the "KDU Berani Awards" where our class pick the best out of the 14 short films we watch on tuesday.

i proudly say that my group has won the best editing and best cinematogrophy...

Mr.Gay (lecturer) has ask us to summit our work to astro.

so for the mean time we are working on that. YAY

if you are wondering which video it is, it the only video in my blog

"from the outside looking in" by looking glass (group production name)

Group Members : Jatta, Sha-Lyn, Charlson, Amanda, Hengshun and Sabirna (cast member)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

end of 4th semester!

sorry for the dead blog. have been really tired and there were a lot of work to catch up with for this semester, the most hectic and most experience gain semester.

i will write about my the things i did this semester. first of all, we as a group of 5 was choosen to come up with a KDU advertisment which it is being aired in the GSC cinema in One Utama, Mid Valley and Pavillion... all the halls plus KDU picked the second last spot to air it.

this was a very good experience for me as i was the production manager who had to plan from head to toe all the things. make sure is all well and make sure everything goes according to plan. i would like to thank the people that were involved. the crew members who was at KDU at 6.30am without any complain. Poh for helping even he was not a student in KDU, Yin Wey who understand and let it go (sorry!) and finally the people in MS Post (professional production company).

during that time of shooting was a no sleep policy haha, during that 2 weeks of planning, 2 days of shooting, a week plus of editing, i did not even sleep for 8 hours. i only sleep to the max was around 4 to 5 hours. i totally respect the film industry now, plus seeing the editing in work is not easy even for the 30 seconds advertisment. so people please go and check it out at the cinemas that was mention earlier. it will be aired for a month. did i mention that this was for KDU? we do not get paid. we will only have a cert and several lunch gathering. but it was all worth it i guess, not mentioning the things we need to catch up with our subject which was Advertising, E-media, Multimedia, Film Studies and Consumer Behaivour.

come to the conclusion, E-media my group came up with a video PSA for teenagers who finds normal news broadcast was boring. we made it as funny and creative as we could go. will upload the video when i get hold of it. :P

Multimedia, i have learn how to use micro media flash where everything can move and clickable. it was pretty hard at first without knowing anything but it was smooth as it goes. i even helped a few of my classmates on theirs either. we are suppose to come out with our very own music player. mine was a graffity style with 3 songs, 4 buttons and notes moving around as the songs are playing (like the music waves).

Film Studies, we learn about cinema and theory about it... i will see movies and film in a different way. film study made us open up to everything, Mr.Gary (lecturer) thought us to step out of the box and be creative. for some student, it was hard for them to put aside things they believe and do something beyond their expectations. as the finals in film study, we in groups have to come up with a short 5 minutes film. my group did this documentary on a particular who acts as an example where everyone judge people by their physical apperances, the moral of our film was leading people to change that mind set and not judge people just by looking at them. on tuesday was the day where we meet in college and air our films to out class. the feedback we got for our film was just !@#$% awesome. you just want to burst into tears. all the hardwork and time put into it was overturn by the feedback of the audience.

i think is enough talking and hope you all could see the hard work and joy we gathered this semester. i do not know whether i could up laod the film we did but i will try. hope you guys enjoy and gives some feedback reguarless of positive or negative comment, there is always a place where we can do better right? so hope you guys enjoy. :P


early in the morning at KDU College.(quick brefing and off we go)

one of our production member house. we borrowed his house.


there are a lot more of pictures but i m just to lazy to upload. this is the once i picked that says it all. hope you guys will know more about the filming industry as i have learn that is not easy to produce something just like this. i gain much this few months as i m planning to gain more in the semesters to come. as i promise, the video that my group made. please enjoy and hope you all like it. take care!

thats for all at the moment. untill i remember what else there is, this will do. really hope you guys enjoy the the short film. as for the KDU advertisment, i could not load it up here due to copywrite issues and other stuff. PLEASE catch it in the cinemas as mention earlier on. :P Peace!