Friday, August 14, 2009

an experience indeed

as most of you all know, i went up to genting for the weekend and worked as a clown. hahaha i have to say it was a wonderful experience. i wanted to give it a try as i m still young and would like to look at different point of views. so there i was working.

making balloon can hurt you real bad. 2 of my fingers are hurt because tying the not. not to say the pumping and all just numb your arm. hahaha but it was all worth the price. get to play with kids, learn the inside and outside of clown life. :P

if there is another chance, i will definitely go for it again.

after i came down when out with some friends, chill out and some gossip happen lol... we are all bitches people. went to look out point and for the first time i drove all the way up (proud). anyway after that headed to friends(in ampang) house to get some stuff and she drew a map for us as we both in the car do not have a clue to head home.

hahah the high class GPS system.

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