Saturday, August 1, 2009

hardwork does not pay.

just found out about my results for the 4th semester. haizh things do not look to good. i do not know why but one of my subject is not showing any grades.

well to sum it up, i did not get the grades i wanted. was aiming at straight As' but only 2 which reach my target. hope the missing one is also an A. film studies which i do not know why i got B+, was really hopping for a A but it could be anything that cause a B+. i do not know about my group members yet but i just hope the others get the grades the should have (it was stupid of me not to make a sound nor say anything to the lecturer). i m going to kill myself if they get better grades.

what is done is done, let bygones be bygones!(i do not know whether i spell it right or not). have to work harder next semester. i really thought i could do well this semester but turn out that i am not up to the standard yet i guess. there is always a gab for improvements right?

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