Thursday, November 13, 2008

my love.


hope you had a blast laughing out loud at La Bodega. hahah i had fun pulling jokes and taking pictures.



another day to remember. i had a exploding night. hope you will win all the competition you enter. anyway i know you will. hahah take care!

only RM 1 for one cup. is cute but not really filling your thirst.

i miss SIGNATURE HOT CHOC from Starbucks.

i miss the time where we hang out together.
i want this semester to be done and over with asap.

anyway college is now going smooth and slow at the moment. i do not know what should be expected any soon except for finals. i better start studying.
speaking about my love.
despite the truth of me getting hurt. i still do it even thought friends and family stop me. I'm very stubborn in many ways. i know the risk involve and yet i still don't care.

all this happen this year, 2008.
basketball is my sport.

i did not really do well in the first 2 competitions. but i can say on the 3rd competition i took the lead. i was proud of what i put on. 2 three pointer for the start and 2 three pointer for the end. in the middle was followed up by fast-breaks and lay-up.

this 3rd competition is for you!