Tuesday, April 22, 2008

photo time?

college for the 4 week... well i m not really is it 4th week or anything but yeah i think it is... getting to know more and more friends, getting closer and closer each day... one big family... will really intro to u when i have get all the pic and ppl to come in the pic. but so far there is only jilian and melody which i really took a pic them alone. hahah hope i get to take pic with every single with them personally... anyway pic are here...
melody aka dancing queen

jilian the million!

this was taken long time ago. during chinese new year... one big family!!!

she is happy to have us... she is really good at cooking. a must try for everyone.

girls basketball team!

last week was MssD. sorry i did not enough time to surf the net or update my blog because was really doing assignment the hole week... now i m here, back and ready to blog again. this 14 girls make me really proud. they have really improve from ground. basic? what is that? well these girls are all over it.. anyway we lost 2 games but look at the bright side, we won 1 game right? i remember i promise a party for u all but i don have the time planing it... i promise after ur exams i will have a party for u all... pls be patient... anyway this were the pic some one took. hahaha i m not sure who d but yeah... i like the jersey, i have to say it again. one of the best. everyone is jealous.

during practice! i dunno u ppl could spot me anot but yeah... oh and one think is was hot. it doent look like it but it is.. the sun is just right on top!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

diploma in mass comm...

there goes my second week of college... nothing much really happen but just assignment and bonding with frens... tomorrow will be going to college and handing up the 4 articles for my assignment and see what will miss Z say... after all i m still very blur in what to find... i shall take time to understand and all... anyway here it this, last Friday a group of us went to ou just to have lunch and chill out. this ppl here are all friendly and fun... we joke and talk while having lunch at jetty... oh yeah and also taken pictures. girls camwhore! i only took one with melody. shall take one with jilian, jasmine, michelle, patricia, saby and safy (twins)!!! tml will be another long day for me, full time in college from 8 to 5 p.m!!! might be having lunch with Vivian and edmund... until then? will keep it updated... hope my articles is correct la... :S i only got 4 pic, let u know who is who aka intro.


*left > jasmine>jilian>safy&saby>melody>michelle>shang.

"tall to short" ( jatta/brandon : wei : ivan : shang)

i dunno what is this but yeah... brandon like this pose, he says!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


WAH 2nd week in college and we already have assignment!!! i see where this is going.... high way to STRESS, no pit-stop! hahah chill la easy only ma... O.o really? hahah anyway yeah. alot of ppl still dunno which college i m, and some even thing i m in help? hahah so i will say this here ok? hahah i m studying in kdu college... so for thoes ppl who is wondering. yeah KDU college... also know as college DUIT UTAMA. XD thats what they all say...

small or big?

small or big? hey this u have to see for yourself... the person is small or the book is just pure BIG!!! anyway i got a call from sooki, she wanted to go to a book store to get a book for some one... very long story and is not my problem so this is all i m going to say. As we were walking to pay for the book guess what we saw? take a look at this ppl...

besarNYA.... hahah well this is just for laughter... hope it did make u laugh or maybe just make u open ur eyes big big and say : wah cool man. / lame la this ppl. any how thanks... LIFE TO SHORT NOT TO BE LAME!!! i also dunno what do that mean!


lee shing yi... this girl here is really craving for shushi.... went to ou at night to get her sports shoes for basketball... i kinda like the colous and all, nice finishing... i also like the adidas want that she was also considering... anyway after that i went to loong house to get form 4 acc book... anyone got acc form 4 text book? mind giving it to me? i can help u sell it... XD

ouch or touch?

i have got this book from my aunt... i like this book, anyway it's a planner... u know put all the important stuff or dates and all??? yeah is something like that. is black in colour and it is nice and sexy... so is it ouch or touch? this book is cool in design and the concept is amazing! anyway let the pic do the talking la...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


as u all know i have started college already... this is my 1st week of college and i m starting to like it because class is suppose to be from 2 to 5 and by 2.45, we could leave d... well this is just the 1st week so the lecturers are not really teaching anything yet... a day-off yesterday. today when college at 8 for sociology class... he teach for an hour plus and we could leave after that... so from 3 hour it just took us 2 hour... i just hope that i will do good in this course la... tml afternoon i will be having class. i have got my student card so now i could go in to the library and computer lab... today i just change my password for the computer lab. could not really use the computer for long because the rooms was taken by classes, as in the going to have class so we chillers have to leave.

sadly to say because of college, i cant attend high school mssd... anyway will try my best to go there no matter what ok... hope u girls can do good without me... give me good news!!! i m proud of all of you girls. from nothing you all became something, just to say u all have basic already. i have high hopes on you all so don't let me down... i have a surprise for u all... tml morning will be having training huh? hahah see you girls lah... for the mean time now, i have to do planning and thinking for college stuff, a promise to tuition teacher and basketball...
i think this post is getting longer if i don't stop. no pic so is kinda boring to read the hole post. sorry!

march 22nd of 2008

edmund pook's party... sorry it took me long to post this but i just got the pictures from him... i miss my high school life... all the fun i had in my class with all my LOVELY & WONDERFUL CLASS MATES!!! we should meet up more often u know... slowly one by one is changing from a kid to a men/women... anyway there is only 2 pic? ahhah i must find more pic.. till that just enjoy the 2 pic here 1st. thank u!