Monday, August 31, 2009

another chapter learned

i m now MEN IN BLACK! or what the abangs' crew in the production says "U SUDAH TINTED LA" hhahaha lol. i m practically burn from head to toe, my leg, hand, neck and face has double tone. as for the face, is like i m wearing goggles lol... during the 1st week of my 5th semester, i was involve in the production of sehati berdansar 3 promo TVC. really had a hands on experience in the shooting. they were many thing where i see for the very 1st time, like the ducks for props, 1st time in a padi feild inside a kampung area. this was different from the KDU ad we did cox i was totally doing a different area/department...

i was working real close with the crew members and the producers. taking care of the talents which could be a hand full, water boy making sure the director and everyone else get enough water and food. the good and bad in different department and many more. i just got to say it was really a awesome experience. in the production industry is all about team work and timing. everyone have to work together no matter how problems arise and how much you dislike that person. timing which is very very very important because the rundown is very very tight and packed. hahaha anyway enjoy the pictures. :P

due to the heat my neck was practically boiling. like pimple like that, got "loong".

the other location was at parking basement. it was really dusty inside and stuffy.

that about it... not many pictures here because i only snap a few as i was busy everything. lol i m looking forward for more experience like this!

Friday, August 14, 2009

an experience indeed

as most of you all know, i went up to genting for the weekend and worked as a clown. hahaha i have to say it was a wonderful experience. i wanted to give it a try as i m still young and would like to look at different point of views. so there i was working.

making balloon can hurt you real bad. 2 of my fingers are hurt because tying the not. not to say the pumping and all just numb your arm. hahaha but it was all worth the price. get to play with kids, learn the inside and outside of clown life. :P

if there is another chance, i will definitely go for it again.

after i came down when out with some friends, chill out and some gossip happen lol... we are all bitches people. went to look out point and for the first time i drove all the way up (proud). anyway after that headed to friends(in ampang) house to get some stuff and she drew a map for us as we both in the car do not have a clue to head home.

hahah the high class GPS system.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


wah what i did ah? let me see.... hahahah anyway before i forget again. i know is really late wishing you but yeah better late then never right?


the rest are just picture on what i have done during the holidays hahahha... clubbing~

LOUD 2009! simply AWESOME...