Sunday, April 19, 2009

as i promise!

hey i m back for more updates and this time with pictures. :P

YAY! hahah anyway is not any new pictures and all but yet the old pictures where we were all still like form 4, form 5. i just hope my friends do not kill me for this, after all they had pictures that i wish not for people to see but then after all, who cares. is just for laugh right? dont kill me! i kinda miss the days where we were having fun together. outing, dancing, jokes. hahah sometimes even the drama...

here are the individual pictures of my beloved friends. hahaha PM do not get mad. i m serious.

to finish this post. i would like to sat that we are having a gathering after class at curve. as our one year in diploma in mass comm. lets bring back the old days shall we... the same place for lunch ya. anything pls talk about it on monday in college. oh BTW we are having it on the 21st of april (tuesday). people who can is driving, we need transport. :P pls and thank you. hahah


Monday, April 13, 2009

make my day

Easter a day to remember...
let me just tell what is about Good Friday and Easter.
this is just very brief and if there is any mistake, sorry ya. :P
Good Friday is the day Jesus died on a cross for our sins.
Easter is the day Jesus came back to life after 3 days.
i do not want to elaborate too much in case of huru-hara later on.
anyway this day was a day to remember because on this day, my parents made my day! haha i finally got something i wanted and now is one down and one more to go... i really cherish it.
i shall put it in maximum use soon enough. thanks dad and mom for it. :)
my 4th semester is heading for the 2nd week now and is kinda boring for having the same lecturer for 3 semester in a roll, teaching different subjects. is not the subject but how the lecturer discuss things just kill me / us.
have to hold up no matter what. my next post will be something into the classic where my good friends or pals will be killing me. hahahah till then, keep coming in ya.

Friday, April 10, 2009

i m proud of all of you

well MSSD has already ended this year... sadly to say bud4 did not get 1st.


girls under 18, lost.

boys under 15, when into the 2nd round.

boys under 18, got 4th place. they will be heading to BU3 to get their cert and medal.

overall they put up a good fight. i could see the guys really put up a fight and gave it all they got. i did not only see team work, i also saw support from each and everyone of them towards each other. the effort they put had paid off.

some even teared. you should not put yourself too hard and take it as a lesson learn. in basketball, in life. there is no doubt that one they all of you will be very successful.

as for the girl, :) you all did play well, from not knowing what is basketball to scoring and playing the game. it was not easy teaching you monkeys but we have been through alot and all i can say is I M PROUD TO BE YOUR INSTRUCTOR!

anyway is over. group dinner! TBC ya.

Friday, April 3, 2009

what is life?

my holiday does not feel like i m having one. holiday but not holiday. 3 weeks play but no play. haizh...

somehow my parents says that it does not matter because they say i m having holiday every single day.

my blog is really dying. no pictures to post and nothing better to write anymore.

to sum up my holidays, i will just say it was like any other week i have. have been going out catching up with some friends and more. :P

what is life really about? when we talk about life, feelings is the most important thing. feeling is the only thing that keep you in mind that you are alive, proving that you have a life.

anyway, will be starting my 4th semester next week and this will be a long semester with 5 subject to handle! good luck to me...